Installation of conventional electronic boards


In our company we offer a high-quality service in the manufacturing of all types of conventional components. We are committed to quality and provide exclusive technical documentation for each product to ensure the proper execution of the project.

We offer customized solutions that combine both Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and THT, allowing us to fulfil  the specific needs of each client. With our experience, we can assist our customers in successfully achieving their business objectives.

Definition of technology

Through-Hole Technology (THT) assembly is based on inserting components into the printed circuit board (PCB) through holes. The advantages offered by this technology are:

Reliability and durability

By inserting components into the PCB, we can ensure a solid and long-lasting connection between the components and the circuit, reducing the risk of failures and guaranteeing a longer product lifespan.

Mechanical strength

THT technology is ideal for larger and heavier components as it provides greater mechanical strength and a more stable connection.


THT technology is suitable for a wide range of components, from resistors and capacitors to connectors and transistors.

Combination with SMT technology

At Clautronic, we offer customized solutions that combine SMT and THT technologies, allowing us to meet the specific needs of each client.

Committed to quality and innovation, and THT assembly technology

Is one of the many tools we use to provide high-quality service to our clients.

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